Feb 012012

6A 03 12 (1 Min) 02.01.12

2/1/2011 Monthly Trade Balance (1430 HI time / 1930 EST)
Forecast: 1.22B
Previous Revision: -0.04B to 1.34B
Started @ 1.0659
1st Peak @ 1.0674 – 1433 (3 min)
15 ticks

2nd Peak @ 1.0679 – 1439 (9 min)
20 ticks

Reversal: n/a (negligible)

Notes: Report exceeded forecast, but previous report revised strongly upward. Report broke at the same time as Monthly BLDG Approvals which slightly disappointed taking some of the momentum away from the spike. I would not trade this report with the BLDG Approval at the same time. Small reaction overall, especially considering no SMAs were crossed, so it should be unbridled.