Oct 232012

6A 12 12 (1 Min) 10.23.12

10/23/2012 Quarterly CPI (1430 HI time / 2030 EDT)
Forecast: 0.9%
Actual: 1.4%
Previous Revision: n/a
Started @ 1.0229
1st Peak@ 1.0261 – 1431 (1 min)
32 ticks

Reversal to 1.0240 – 1445 (15 min)
21 ticks

Notes: This report was strongly positive on the face of it, but high amounts of slippage, and the initial retracement may have stopped you out. This resulted in a quick rise of 21 ticks, followed by a retracement of 22 ticks which may have hit your stop loss with JOBB if you experienced more than 7 ticks of slippage and filled higher than 1.0243. On the other hand the retracement happened very fast, so if you had a slower connection, you may have gotten lucky where your stop loss tried to apply to the chart when the price was below it and been saved by a Ninja error. See the range chart to see what I am talking about. If you were fortunate to avoid the stop, try to close out with a limit order near or above the R2 Pivot at the top of the hovering range with 15 or so ticks. The reversal was able to reclaim 21 ticks in a relatively quick 15 min.