Dec 052012

6A 12 12 (1-Min) 12.05.12

12/5/2012 Monthly Unemployment Report (1430 HI time / 1930 EST)
Non Farm Jobs Forecast: 0.2K
Non Farm Jobs Actual: 13.9K
Previous Revision: -0.5K to 10.2K
Rate Forecast: 5.5%
Rate Actual: 5.2%
Started @ 1.0440
1st Peak @ 1.0470 – 1431 (1 min)
30 ticks

2nd Peak @ 1.0474 – 1442 (12 min)
34 ticks

Reversal to 1.0459 – 1456 (26 min)
15 ticks

Notes: Strongly positive report that exceeded the forecast on jobs created with the unemployment rate improving by 0.3%, and a small downward revision to the previous report caused a healthy long spike of 30 ticks. With JOBB you would have filled long at about 1.0452 with 5 ticks of slippage. After the fill you would have seen it pop up to 1.0470, then retreat and hover between 1.0457 and 1.0466. The spike crossed all 3 major SMAs and the PP Pivot near the origin, and the R1 Pivot at the top of the spike. In the following 11 min, it tried to punch through the R1 Pivot and eventually succeeded for 4 more ticks. I placed a sell limit 1 tick higher than the 1st peak and filled with a 19 tick profit. After the 2nd peak, it reversed for 15 ticks in 14 min. Then it was stuck to the 50 SMA for the next hour and traded sideways.