JOBB V.7 Instructions

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Dec 232016

New features added with versionĀ 7 (released 12.25.16):

1. Range Trade Features – analyzes a vertical span range of market movement over a specific time interval, then places pending market stop orders a programmable distance away from the maximum and minimum of the range input. Everything after the placement of the pending orders is identical to the version 6 software with the order handling features of stops, profit targets, breakeven, etc with the below exception…

2. Breakeven Time Delay – if enabled, allows the Breakeven to be applied at a desired position in positive ticks from the entry position *BUT* does not shift until a programmable time delay in seconds has elapsed. This allows the stop to be tightened one time after the market settles down in the first few seconds after a report release.

Please watch the 30 min video on the JOBB v.6 instructions page that gives a comprehensive explanation of all of the features contained within the JOBB software including previous revisions.

Click Here to download the JOBB V7 .zip file.

*If you need further direction on downloading and installing the software, please Click Here.