JO Bracket Breakout


How does it work?

Every day there are economic news reports that come out from different governments
that affect the price of different instruments.

For example, each week, regularly on Wednesday’s at 10:30 AM Eastern Time (NY) the Energy Information Administration (EIA) releases data about the change in the number of barrels of crude oil held in inventory by commercial firms during the past week (Crude Oil Inventories). The exact second that data is released, the price of different instruments such as crude oil spike north or south depending on the news results.

The JOBB software automatically enters us into the trade the moment the news comes out which allows us to make money on huge spikes and EXIT out with PROFIT within seconds.

The JOBB software places two pending entries 1-5 seconds before the news comes out. The pending entries are placed, 3-12 ticks depending on the report, from the current market price of the instrument we are trading. This allows us to be in the best position when the news comes out and causes the price to spike north or south.

With JOBB, we are NOT gambling and betting that the price will go either up or down; instead we are using a very sophisticated and scientific methodology to place pending entries on both sides of the market price, allowing us to take advantage of the rapid price movement. If the news happens to be dull we aim to get out at breakeven or minimal loss.

Once we are entered into a trade, depending on which direction the price “blasts off to” (long or short), our other pending entry will automatically cancel and a STOP LOSS will go into effect to KEEP US SAFE. .

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