Back To School (JOBB V.8)

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Sep 162018

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Collection of Trades

JOBB V.8 Instructions

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Sep 032018

CLICK HERE to download JOBB Bracket and Trap Trade Software V8 and access instructions.

How To Load Strategies

1 Click Chart Setups


New features and expanded options added with version 8 (released 9.3.18):


-Trade Earnings With JOBB Software!
-Scalp trade with any instrument.
-Now 5 unique trade Setups to choose from.
-Time entry now a choice for The 1 Click Range Trade
-Ninja Version 8 fully compatible.
-Our Software Functions as a super flexible ATM.
-Upgraded Trailing stops now available with more choices.
-Integration of indicators into the strategy simplifies installation.
-Enter a trade just by pressing a button!
-Safer order placement due to indicator integration and automated entries.
-Now we don’t just trade the news…Trade Events-Trade News-Discretionary Trade
-The JOBB Platform now excels at Scalp Trading.
-Semi-automate any type of trade with Bar-Renko-Minutes-Ticks-Seconds charts.
-JOBB software can make your trading safer by automating many of its features.

Member Tips

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May 292017


HOW DOES A NEW MEMBER check if activated??

You can always test if you are activated by doing the following:

Reboot computer, or at least Ninja Trader….

Enable the Strategy as ” true” and make sure ” entry time” is set to 00:00:00

The strategy will think the time has already passed and try to enable itself by firing off.

“Apply and  Okay” the strategy.

If you get a JOBB  icon on your 1 minute strategy chart, that is a great start.

If you do not get an authorization error, you should be good to go!

You can always email me for help @ or


Trap Trade V2 Webinar

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Jun 152016

JOBB Trap Trade

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Feb 032012

Video #1: Introduction *Watch this first!

Video #2: Stop Protocol

Video #3: Tier Adjustment

Trap Trade Software – click here

ATM Strategy Setup

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Nov 012011