May 052013

CL 05-13 (1 Min)  4_8_2013

4/8/2013 FED Chairman Bernanke Speech (1915 EDT)
Forecast:  n/a
Actual: n/a
Started @ 93.38
1st Peak @ 93.42 – 1916 (1 min)
4 ticks

Notes:  FED Chair Bernanke spoke at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 2013 Financial Markets Conference about the stress test results of the banks. Due to the time of day, narrowly into the thinly traded Asian market session, we saw a dull reaction with low volume.  With JOBB and a 5 tick bracket, you would have filled.  In this case, after about 2 min, cancel the order.  Even if you had left it on the chart, the long move at 1954 would have given you a small profit.  We will not recommend FED Speeches after the pit close and out of the US trading session again.