Aug 082012

6A 06 12 (1 Min) 06.06.12

6/6/2012 Monthly Unemployment Report (1530 HI time / 2130 EDT)
Non Farm Jobs Forecast: -2.2K
Non Farm Jobs Actual: 38.9K
Previous Revision: -8.5K to 7.0K
Rate Forecast: 5.1%
Rate Actual: 5.1%
SPIKE WITH 2ND PEAK (Premature spike – wrong direction)
Started @ 0.9887
Wrong Direction Spike – 0.9867 – 1530
20 ticks
1st Peak @ 0.9951 – 1531 (1 min)
64 ticks

2nd Peak @ 0.9959 – 1559 (29 min)
73 ticks

Reversal to 0.9932 – 1656 (86 min)
27 ticks

Notes: Very Strong positive report that exceeded the forecast with a sizeable downward revision to the previous strong report caused a healthy spike upward. Unfortunately the market jitters from the week caused a premature spike to ruin an otherwise normally reliable report. The 20 tick drop in the last 2-3 seconds of the :30 bar would have filled you short then you would be stopped out when it found its true direction long. The 1531 candle rose 64 ticks from the origin crossing all 3 major SMAs near the origin and the R1 Pivot near the peak. The peak was achieved late in the candle at about 43 sec into the :31 bar, but most of the ascent was achieved in the first 10 sec. After a small pullback to the R1 Pivot, it sought out a 2nd peak gradually rising for another 9 ticks in 50 minutes. The reversal yielded 27 ticks about an hour after the 2nd peak dipping below the 100 SMA.